ROI Calculator Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator

Discover your Marketing Campaign’s Return on Investment with Origin Web Studios’ Marketing ROI Calculator—available at no cost for all businesses and marketing agencies. Simply fill out the form, and get results in seconds. Determine if your campaign is generating positive or negative returns quickly and effectively.

Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator

Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator

Calculate Your Marketing ROI: Enter Campaign Cost and Revenue.

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What is Marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI, or Return on Investment in marketing, measures the profitability of marketing campaigns. It helps businesses understand the effectiveness of their marketing spend by comparing the profit generated from these activities to the cost invested. For example, if our Company Origin Web Studios spends $1,000 on a marketing campaign and it leads to sales of $5,000, the ROI calculation would show how profitable that campaign was for them.

How to Calculate Marketing ROI?

Calculating Marketing ROI involves a straightforward formula. It’s about identifying the gain from investment (i.e., how much money was made from the marketing efforts and the lifetime value of customers you got) and the cost of investment (i.e., how much was spent on the marketing campaign). Here’s how we would do it:

  1. Determine the total sales generated from the marketing campaign. Suppose a new ad campaign by Origin Web Studios brought in $20,000 in sales.
  2. Subtract the marketing costs from the total sales generated. If the campaign cost $5,000, then subtract this from the $20,000 sales generated.
  3. Divide the result by the marketing costs to find the ROI. In this scenario, you would divide $15,000 (the profit) by $5,000 (the cost) to determine the ROI.

Marketing ROI Formula

If you want to calculate the return on investment you can use the formula below:

The formula for Marketing ROI is:

Marketing ROI=(Net Profit from MarketingCost of Marketing)×100


  • Net Profit from Marketing = (Total Sales Attributable to Marketing) – (Cost of Marketing)
  • Cost of Marketing = Total expenditure on the marketing campaign

Example for Origin Web Studios:

Let’s say We spent $2,000 on a marketing campaign (it could be Google Ads Campaign, Email Campaign etc.). From this campaign, it generated us $10,000 in sales.

  1. Calculate Net Profit from Marketing:
  2. Apply the Marketing ROI Formula:

This calculation means that for every dollar we spent on marketing, the company earned four dollars back, representing a 400% ROI. This helps them assess the efficiency and profitability of their marketing investments.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Marketing ROI Calculator.

An ROI calculator for marketing campaigns is a tool that helps marketers measure the return on investment of their marketing activities. It quantifies the profitability of an investment by comparing the gain from a marketing campaign relative to its cost.

To calculate ROI for a marketing campaign, you need to subtract the total cost of the campaign from the total revenue generated, then divide this result by the total cost. The formula is: ROI=Revenue−CostCost×100. Input values should include all related expenses and the revenue attributed to the campaign.

A good ROI for a marketing campaign can vary by industry, but generally, an ROI of 5:1 is considered strong. Ratios above 10:1 are considered exceptional. Marketers should set benchmarks based on historical performance and industry standards.

ROI calculations should be updated regularly, ideally after significant events or at the end of each campaign cycle. This helps in making timely decisions and adjustments to marketing strategies based on recent data.

Yes, Excel templates can be very effective for calculating marketing ROI. They offer customization and can handle complex calculations involving multiple variables and scenarios.

Costs to include in a marketing ROI calculation should encompass all expenses directly and indirectly related to the campaign. This includes ad spend, agency fees, in-house labor costs, and any software or tools used specifically for the campaign.